Another way L.G.B.T social and support group
Another Way L.G.B.T
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by Matthew Nolan

Another Way 
L.G.B.T social and support group

We are a voluntary organisation that provides through peer support and an environment to help in the reduction of social isolation, discrimination and promotion of health and well being made up of members from the
 Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender community
 including their friends and family

We welcome members of the Walsall L.G.B.T community to come along to our weekly social/support sessions.
 Come along and have a chat with a coffee meet new people and make new friends.
Don't want to come alone?
 Please feel free to call us on any of the numbers below and we can arrange a buddy to meet up with you.

2pm - 4pm                                   
Federation House
39 King Street
WS10 8DE
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we invite you to come along